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Southern Yard Success

April 25th saw the first workshop in the VBA southern yard which included a package bee installation into a top bar hive.

Thanks to Jeffery Hammelman and Bill Taft for mentoring the group.



Package Bee Install Date Change

The North Yard Package Bee installation workshop is change to May 9. It will be part of the Spring Managment workshop already scheduled for that day.

The delays are due to heavy rains in Geogia that are prohibiting shaking the bees into the packages.

The VBA Beekeeping Hive Calendar,April

Here is a list of the typical work to be done during a Vermont April.

Go through all hives, on a 60+ degree day, clean bottom boards, check all brood frames for AFB(2X this month), other diseases, mites.Evaluate queens, brood patterns, food reserves. Mark colonies to re-queen. Begin to equalize colonies; reverse strong colonies end of the month. Apply medications and mite controls as needed.

(Activities by month may vary due to location, elevation and weather conditions of your particular site.)


Capitol City Farmers' Market - Honey Vendors Needed

The Capitol City Farmers' Market is currently looking for Honey Vendors for the 2015 season.

If you are interested, please contact Carolyn Grodinsky at 802.223.2958 for additional information and details.

HopGuard II Approved For Use in Vermont

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture has received approval from the EPA for the sale and use of HopGuard II in Vermont.  HopGuard II offers a relatively benign method of varroa control that can be used throughout the beekeeping season, following the manufacturers recommendations and directions.

HopGuard II is a product produced by BetaTec Hop Products.

The national distributor of HopGuard II is Mann Lake Ltd.  Please visit their website to learn more or to place an order.

This video by BetaTec shows how HopGuard II is applied to a hive.  See Video


Bee Disease Reduced by Nature's 'Medicine Cabinet,' Dartmouth-led Study Finds

HANOVER, N.H. - Nicotine isn't healthy for people, but such naturally occurring chemicals found in flowers of tobacco and other plants could be just the right prescription for ailing bees, according to a Dartmouth College-led study.

Read More:Bee disease reduced

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