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Nuc the Packages

Hello Vermont Beekeepers

I would like to share my first experience with starting my own nucs for the purpose of  overwintering as replacements suggested by Mike Palmer.  Mike states it is not a new concept and that it just makes common sense in many ways both economically and biologically.  You know the management side of beekeeping today has become somewhat complex and unfortunate. 

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Tunbridge Fair: Success!

Tunbridge Fair is a great time to meet current and future VBA members, encourage new beekeepers and sell our member's honey.  Thanks to Doug Ouellette and Bill Mares for organizing and to all of the volunteers who helped out at the VBA booth.  For those who were able to help out this weekend, thank you.  If not, see you next year?


Weird Season, no?

Most reports from this part of the Vermont--the Connecticut River Valley near White River--are that it was an odd and a mostly poor year. I remember that two years ago was the worst season I had had in 30 years of beekeeping (strictly on a hobby scale, six hives max). And then last year was the best ever. Well, maybe this year was both. I have five hives, and three of them thought they would challenge each other to a swarming contest. They all had plenty of room, but were cooped up for so long in June that they all put on little hats when they got the chance and said "outa here!". And then the other two--between them they stayed put and made 230# of surplus honey. I guess some kids get an A and some get a D-, so why should the bees be any different? 


New VBA Update Editor

The Vermont Beekeepers Association welcomes Bob Haven as the new editor of the VBA Update, the organization's email newsletter sent to members as part of their membership benefit.

Bob is a beekeeper in Charlotte and welcomes member's participation in developing the Update. If you have a story for inclusion in the Update, please forward it to