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Thoughts about beekeeping and beekeepers in Vermont along with links to local and national stories of interest. While most articles are public, VBA members who login to the site will have access to additional articles and features.

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Website Updates Coming

Website Updates Comingvba2sm

The VBA website is getting a makeover. In addition to a new look, members will soon have the ability to renew their membership online and prospective members will be able to join the Vermont Beekeepers Association by paying with a credit card.

VBA members got the opportunity to vote on two prospective designs for the new site at the Vermont Farm Show as part of the VBA's Winter Meeting. The winning choice is shown here. (Click to enlarge the image. Note the picture is a design mock-up and and is shown to illustrate the "look" and not the content! Bee yard pictures come to us courtesy of Ted Albers.)


"Liquid Rope Coil Effect"

We've all admired the beauty of honey as it runs out of the extractor and forms a coil. This is called the "Liquid Rope Coil Effect". This video explains that phenomenon using honey.



News from the VBA Library

A new book has been added to the library: The Thinking Beekeeper: A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives, by VBA member Christy Hemenway.tbhivebook

This book is an easy reading, basic introduction for the new beekeeper who is interested in treatment-free beekeeping in top bar hives. Bee biology, top bar hive setup, inspections, over-wintering, harvesting, pests and diseases are reviewed.

This book or others can be checked out by going to the Library section of the Members Only page on this site and selecting “Contact the Librarian.”

The VBA Library will be at the upcoming winter meeting and items will be available for borrowing by current VBA members.

If you currently have a library item checked out, members can return it to the library at the meeting.

If you have a personal beekeeping book that is gathering dust, please consider donating it to the library.


EAS 2013 Announcement

First in a series of updates about the Eastern Apicultural Society's Annual Conference and Short Course in 2013:

West Chester University, West Chester, PA, August 5 - 9, 2013

The Planning Committee for the 2013 Conference & Short Course is proud to introduce not one, but two, keynote speakers for our annual event!

Dr. Mark Winston, Simon Fraser U & Mr. Brian Snyder, PA Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

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