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Bees or Not?

Ia That a Bee?

Several times a week we respond to questions similar to this one from Woody Dionne, Physical Plant Director at Johnson Stat220px-Apis melliferae College. He writes:

"Over the past few years we have been experiencing more and more aggressive and invasive bees around the school. Is this something new or am I just getting more complaints? Yesterday I noticed that about four swarmed around me and I was walking in a parking lot....African bee's ?"

Good question and a good opportunity for VBA members to help educate the public about the differences between honey bees and other insects often mistaken for honey bees (Apis mellifera).

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The Story of the Conference Bags

EAS 2012 Conference Attendees received more than the usual seminar tote bag. Each participant was given a hand-made burlap bag as a result of an idea by VBA's Diane Meyerhoff. She tells the story...

bagsmallAbout three years ago, while kicking around ideas for EAS 2012, Bill Mares and I talked about how much we dislike inexpensive conference bags. From there, an idea was born – why not make them out of used coffee bags and then burn them as smoker fuel?

Who knew that the next 2 ½ years would be filled with old sewing machines, thousands of yards of thread, a hundred bobbins, and incredible dust bunnies?

Some have said the bags are too nice to burn. I disagree. Please, go ahead and burn your bag with gusto as a final tribute to EAS 2012.

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