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EAS 2012 Brochures

Here's an informational sheet about EAS 2012 for posting.  Vermont club leaders may want to print this out for their groups. Two versions are available as PDF files - color and greyscale.

New Opportunities Listed...

VBA Members: From time to time we get requests from businesses looking for honey, wax or other bee-related products. The Business/Other Opportunities listings begins with a local Vermont company seeking a propolis supplier. If you're looking for these types of opportunities check out this category - only available to VBA members by logging in to the website and choosing the Members Only menu.

Any Cut-Outs around Burlington?

Cindy Bee, a cut-out professional, is moving to Maine to work with Erin Forbes. She would like to demonstrate her cut-out procedures at our EAS 2012 meeting at Burlington. Please keep your ears open for any cut-out possibilities. All work will be free of charge to the homeowner.

If you know of a colony of bees in someone's house or out-building, please contact me so we can make plans with Cindy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



State lab testing for neonics

>>There is a new lab in Waterbury that is starting up and they will be testing honey for neonicotinoids. 

Any more information on this lab anf testing for neonics? Do you know if they are able to test pollen...both stored in the hive and incoming from the field?