Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

Section 5.04 Protection of Bees Notification

Agency of AgricultureDear Vermont Honey Beekeepers,

Please note that on February 24th, 2023, an updated ruling on the control of pesticides by the State of Vermont was put into effect. The rule includes ‘Section 5.04 Protection of Bees’. Enforcement of the rule is by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM). The Protection of Bees rule is relevant to honey beekeepers who have active apiaries on properties where pesticides are applied. Compliance with the rule applies to any pesticide applicator, individual using a pesticide, or person hiring an applicator. An applicator may be certified as a commercial, non-commercial, or private applicator or may be a non-certified applicator.  Please familiarize yourself with the rule below, which can also be found on the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM) Pesticide Program page by following the link to the document “Vermont Rule for the Control of Pesticides”.

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Winter Wrapping

Hive wrappedIf You Missed the October 19th Winter Wrapping Workshop you can watch the recording of the Zoom session hosted by Andrew Munkres. 

Simply login to the VBA site and look for Winter Wrapping under the Calendar | Past Workshop & Events Recording menu. (Login required.)

Other recorded sessions are also available for review.

Vermont Honey Promotion

The latest issue of Seven Days, Vermont's independent weekly newspaper, includes a look at Vermont Honey as part of the VBA's new marketing campaign. Read the marketing piece in Seven Days today!

VBA Takes the Blue at the Tunbridge Fair

 Each year, the Vermont Beekeepers Association's Tunbridge Fair Committee, led by Mary and Bob Stoddard, organizes a comprehensive and wide-ranging display about apiculture at the Tunbridge World’s Fair. It’s a very popular display at the fair.

0fOx0Q copyVBA booth volunteers posing with the blue ribbon. Pictured left to right:  Bob Stoddard, Mary Stoddard, Bill Mares, and Bob GrimItems in the display include an observation hive, honey sticks, pollinator garden seeds, a mannequin in a bee suit, beekeeping information, and much more. They also sell honey from a number of Vermont honey producers large and small who provided their honey to be sold at the VBA booth. This gives fair goers a unique chance to see the range of honey being produced in Vermont.

The Tunbridge World’s Fair is a popular and well attended event drawing many thousands of fair goers each year. The VBA display is colorful and eye-catching. It draws the attention of many visitors who stop by the booth, maybe buy a honey stick or some honey, and learn a bit about apiculture in Vermont. 

The booth is staffed by a group of knowledgeable VBA volunteers whose efforts are organized by the Stoddards. Mary Stoddard is a talented and efficient principal organizer behind the scenes.

IxJbZyMary Stoddard putting the finishing touches on the blue ribbon VBA booth at the Tunbridge World’s Fair 

Thanks to Mary and Bob’s leadership and the efforts of the crew of volunteers, this year’s VBA booth was awarded a blue ribbon for first place concession!

Congratulations and special thanks to the Tunbridge World’s Fair Committee and all of the VBA volunteers who helped organize the booth and who worked shifts during the fair!

2023 Recognition Awards

Jacob Esch

The following were recognized for their support of beekeeping in Vermont at the August 12 Summer Meeting:

Jacob Esch - Friend of the Bees

Jacob Esh has been the past president and a mainstay of beekeeping support in southwestern VT for more than 40 years.

He started keeping bees in the early 1970's. His first colonies were swarms and he learned by successes and failures. In the early 1980's Jacob expanded his hive count by about 4 hives each year and became an A.I. Root dealer in Bennington.

In 2006 he wrote/published his book Beekeeping: Profitable Enterprise. He was named VT Beekeeper of the Month in 2005 by the VBA. Later he also sold Brushy Mountain woodenware.

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State of the Bees

vtbees20232023 Updates from the Vermont State Apiculturist and the Vermont Bee Lab.
At the VBA Summer meeting in Strafford, VT on August 12, 2023, our State Apiculturist Brooke Decker, and her Assistant, Don Gilbert updated us on the 2023 season thus far. You can view their PowerPoint presentation here.
Sydney Miller from the Vermont Bee Lab (VBL) gave another interesting update on the wide range of VBL activities this year. The VBA and a number of VBA members have partnered with the Bee Lab on several fronts.  VBL is working with Vermont queen breeders to improve hygienic behavior. The lab is also leading a citizen science project with VBA members on pesticide testing. She summarized these and other VBL activities in this PowerPoint presentation.

2023 Beekeeper of the Year - Andrew Munkres

At the summer meeting of the Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA) on August 12, 2023, Andrew Munkres, was recognized as the VBA’s Beekeeper of the Year. Few people have had the positive impact on apiculture in Vermont as Andrew Munkres. It’s important to note that the following is only a partial description of the extent of his workload and accomplishments.

For many years, Andrew has made great contributions to the Vermont Beekeepers Association, Vermont beekeepers, and the practice of apiculture in Vermont. It’s not exaggerating to state that his experience and knowledge of the practice and politics of apiculture is encyclopedic. This makes him an especially effective as an educational speaker and unquestionably credible in the broader political and state policy realm.

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Sell Honey @ the Tunbridge World's Fair

tunfair2September 14-17, 2023

Dear VBA members,

The VBA Tunbridge Fair Committee is again soliciting honey (and other bee-related products) to be sold at the Fair.  

This activity is the largest annual fund-raiser and promotional event for the VBA.  To make this process both fair and simple, we have a few guidelines for your submissions:

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