Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

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from Vermont State Apiculturist Brooke Decker


Total number of spring nucleus colonies sold in VT: 2707
Number of packaged bees sold/imported into VT:     882
Number of VT overwintered nucleus colonies sold in VT: 214
Number of spring nucleus colonies inspected: 687
Number of 2021 hive inspections (as of June 1): 725
2021 Honey bee imports, states-of-origin: NY, NH, MA, ME, MS, SC, GA, FL, CA, PA, LA 


Mite sampling on out-of-state nucs for sale is now part of the spring nuc inspection protocol. We are happy to report that none of the nucs sampled were over the 5% (5 mites per 100 bees) threshold. Also, no American foulbrood (AFB) has been found this year.

Brooke Decker
Pollinator Health Specialist/ State Apiculturist
Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
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