Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

tunfair2September 16-19, 2021

Dear VBA Members,

We are excited to announce that the VBA will continue our presence at the fair again this year. At the last fair, two years ago, VBA won second place prize for best booth. That year over 32,000 people attended the fair. This represents a great opportunity for VBA to share our mission, educate in support of pollinators, share our beekeeping fascination and make a little money.

The Fair Committee needs your help. We are looking for VBA members who are interested in selling their honey and honey related wares at the fair. There is a link at the bottom of this letter to sign up for selling.

This year the committee is asking people to commit to selling their honey by August 31. We will accept 1 lb., 2.5 lb. and 5 lb. jars of honey in standard honey jars only. We are keeping the 80/20 percent split and will sell 1-lb jars for $10.00; 2.5-lb. jars for $20.00 and 5-lb. jars for $40.00. That means, for example, you’ll receive $8.00 for each one-pound jar of your honey that is sold at the fair.

For those wishing to sell honey related items such as, candles, lip gloss, wax medallions, etc. please also use the link. These items will sell at the same 80/20 split. At this time the VBA Board does not want us to sell any products with CBD.

If you would like us to sell your products at the 2021 Tunbridge Fair, please:

Sign up here

(VBA Members-only, login required)

Tunbridge Fair Committee: Peter Hadeka, Bob Haven, Ron Hernandez, Bill Mares, Bob Stoddard, Mary Stoddard