Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

We have been carefully evaluating our arrangements for the 2021 Summer meeting at the Brandon Town Hall. We understand the ongoing concerns with COVID-19 variants. We have consulted with the Vermont Health Department COVID group about our meeting arrangements. These are the steps we are taking:

  1. The meeting room is a large spacious theatre-style room with high ceilings and windows.
  2. Windows will be open to improve ventilation.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be available
  4. Masks will be required. Extra masks will be available.
  5. To minimize potential points of congregation:
    • The refreshment table will be located outdoors to minimize close contact.
    • Pre-registration will avoid lines at the check-in table.
    • Seats are spaced apart.
    • The raffle will be handled very differently and efficiently to avoid congregating.