Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

If you missed our Ask Me Anything (About Beekeeping) workshop this week, the recording is available to VBA members (along with many others) online. Simply login to the site and look under the Calendar menu. (Co-hosted by VBA members, Fred Putnam, Tony Antonucci, and Jeff Battaglini.)

  • Preventing the spread of diseases esp. AFB
  • Re-queening calendar and recordkeeping (if a colony is queenless)
  • Summer actions to prep for winter.
  • Mite management and virus loads - options for this time of the year
  • Weather impacts - Dealing with too little or too much rain
  • Water supply
  • Pollen sub
  • Dearths or not
  • Extracting tips
  • Tips on handling defensive colonies