Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

tunfair2September 15-18, 2022

Dear VBA members,

The VBA Tunbridge Fair Committee is again soliciting honey (and other bee-related products) to be sold at the Fair.

This activity is the largest annual fund-raiser for the VBA.  To make this process both fair and simple, we have a few guidelines for your submissions:

  • You must be a current member of the VBA.
  • Wherever possible your containers should be of standard  commercial variety and sizes,  such as Queenline jars, NOT Mason jars or the like.
  • Name, contact info and town  must be shown on all containers.
  • Honey may be sold in one pound, two and 1/2 pound and five-pound containers. The prices will be $10-$25-$40.
  • You will have a limit of one case of 24 one-pound jars, or the equivalent.
  • You must submit an invoice, with the number of containers you hope to sell.
  • At this time the VBA Board does not want us to sell any products with CBD.

We hope that if you have four or fewer jars remaining to be sold, you will consent to donate them to a local food shelf in Tunbridge or Sharon.  If you have more unsold, they will be returned to the place where you delivered it.  ((Please plan to pick it up as soon as possible.) The VBA Treasurer will mail you a check for your portion of the sales.

Thank You,

Your Tunbridge Fair Committee

If you would like us to sell your products at the 2022 Tunbridge Fair, please:

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Tunbridge Fair Committee: Peter Hadeka, Bob Haven, Ron Hernandez, Bill Mares, Bob Stoddard, Mary Stoddard, Dannah Bresser