Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

Seeking Nominees to be Recognized at the Summer Meeting

Nominations Due August 17, 2022

The VBA Recognition Committee is seeking nominations of your peers for their good work in three beekeeping categories:

  • Beekeeper of the Year

  • Mentor/Mentee pair

  • Friend of the Bees

The individuals selected will be recognized at the upcoming summer meeting on September 17.

Please take a few minutes and think about someone you know who has gone the extra mile in these categories. We have many people doing a lot of good work to support our honey bees and beekeepers so let’s recognize and encourage them.

Here’s a description of the categories and criteria:

Beekeeper of the Year

Eligibility and criteria

  • Must be a VBA member

  • May only receive this recognition one time.

  • Effect of effort broad in geographic scope

  • Outstanding efforts or contributions over a career or long period of time

  • Involved in a wide range of activities – demonstrating, showing, doing, teaching, promoting.

Outstanding efforts by a Mentor and Mentee

Eligibility and criteria

  • Any VBA Mentor/Mentee pair

  • How were they successful?

  • How did they make it work?

Friend of the Bees

Eligibility and criteria

  • Anyone: business, individual, agency, institution, researchers, municipalities, etc.

  • Not limited to VBA members.

  • Outstanding efforts in support of Vermont bees or beekeepers.


Please make your nomination by August 17, 2022. It is very easy to nominate someone. You can do so here:

Submit Your Nomination