Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

2022 VBA Summer Meeting Agenda

September 17, 2022

At the Brandon VT Town Hall


0830-0900 – Doors open, registration, morning refreshments

0900-0910 -Welcome and opening remarks – VBA President, Andrew Munkres

0910 – 0930 Vermont State Apiculturist Report, Brooke Decker, VT Agency of Agriculture

0930-0945 Recognition - VBA Recognition Committee – Anne Bowers, Jeff Cunningham, Jeffrey Hamelman, Peggy Apple-Woods, Fred Putnam, Jr.

09:45-10:00 Report on honey adulteration study and pollen pesticide testing – VBA President, Andrew Munkres

10:00-10:30 Business Meeting

  • Review of Minutes from the 2021 Summer Meeting for amendment (if needed) and approval – Recording Secretary, Fred Putnam, Jr.
  • Treasurer’s Report - Treasurer, Richard Roy
  • 2022-2023 Budget for approval – Treasurer, Richard Roy
  • Nominating Committee Report and election. Slate proposed:
    • For President, Andrew Munkres (incumbent)
    • For Vice President – Jeff Battaglini (incumbent)
    • For Treasurer – Richard Roy (incumbent)
    • For Membership Secretary – Laura Johnson (incumbent)
    • For Recording Secretary – Fred Putnam, Jr. (incumbent)
    • For Director at Large – James Key (incumbent)
  • Any other business


10:50-11:00 Brief break

11:00-Noon - Keynote Speaker: Joel Laberge – bio. below

Topic: Overview of his interesting Canadian operations including indoor wintering

Noon – 1:00    Lunch on your own at one of 10 nice eating spots withing a few minutes’ walk of the Town Hall or bring a bag lunch.


Afternoon Workshops

1:00-2:00 Workshop #1 – Joel Laberge - Queen rearing

2:00 – 2:30 Workshop #2 Brianna Borch – Honey bee forage study supported financially in part by the you – the VBA.

2:45-3:15 Wrap-up topics and pick up raffle items


About our Speaker(s)

Joel Laberge

Nationality: Canadian, Language spoken: French, English and Spanish, 2nd generation beekeeper. Married with 4 kids and 7 grand kids.

Companies that I own:

Miellerie St-Stanislas:  managing 1500 colonies. Started in 1960 by my father Paul André Laberge with 2 hives and has built up to be one of the largest beekeepers in the province for many years.  Myself I have been working in bees in the beeyards since 10 years old.  I have loved every moment working in the bees since then.  We have been innovative in many ways here, inventions of equipment like our cream machines or wax press, or building of the first fully automatic controlled refrigerated winter room of Canada.  Also 15 years ago we have converted our operation to fully refrigerated trucking for movement of colonies and production of nucs and queens.  We are continuously looking ways to improve beekeeping equipment.  We are producing around 3-4000 mated queens every year for ourselves and customers.

Stanabbe:  Is the supply store for all of the beekeepers need. We are one of the major supplier for hive equipment, bees and nutrition for Eastern Canada.

CreamPAL: Is the most claim to fame around the world. Our invention that converts liquid honey into cream honey in a matter of minutes is sold worldwide.  We know that cream honey is the next big thing in the US since the US is the only country that is producing very low quantities of cream honey.  About 5% compared to 80 % of European countries. Including
Australia and New Zealand.



Brianna Borch, University of Vermont

Bio to be available soon