Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

Honey ShowAs you may know, the Vermont Beekeepers Association was awarded an $80,000 Federally funded Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) grant that will help us promote Vermont honey.

The plan is to make Vermont honey more visible to Vermonters and hopefully improve the sales of honey produced here in Vermont.

This is your opportunity to shine! The VBA has retained the services of HMC Advertising, LLC to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to tell the public what we already know:

Vermont honey is the best there is!

Our aim is to tell the Vermont honey story to the world and to that end we are asking your help. VBA members can join this marketing effort by submitting high-quality photographs of Vermont honey, bees and beekeeping for use in this marketing campaign. 

Please submit, through the link below, up to four of your high-quality photos showing Vermont honey, bees and beekeeping. We ask that your submissions be PNG or JPG files with a maximum filesize of 4meg each. Your photo(s) may be used by the Vermont Beekeepers Association in partnership with HMC Advertising, LLC to promote Vermont honey.

Submit Your Photos Online (Login required)

Thank you for your help and as the marketing campaign is developed, please watch for updates!