Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

Stop!If you've been following discussions about using OAE with cellulose pads in your hives please read the following from Vermont's State Apiculturist Brooke Decker:

Effective March 21, 2023 the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets has removed the Extended Release Oxalic Acid FIFRA 2(ee) interpretation notice from our website. This was done as a result of a determination by the US EPA on March 21, 2023 that this interpretation was not allowed under the provisions of FIFRA. As a result of this determination, the application of oxalic acid using glycerin treated cellulose pads is no longer considered allowable under the provisions of FIFRA 2(ee). A copy of the letter is available here:

EPA Letter - Extended Release Oxalic Acid FIFRA 2(ee) interpretation (PDF)

All persons who apply pesticides must comply with all label provisions including directions for use, personal protective equipment, disposal instructions and environmental protection statements.  

Brooke Decker
Pollinator Health Specialist/ State Apiculturist 
Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
116 State Street | Montpelier, Vermont | 05620
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 802-272-6688 

Vermont Apiary Program



(VBA has removed links on our website to the 2(ee) authorization announcement and, for the time being, our Zoom workshop explaining how to use cellulose pads with oxalic acid.)