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The Vermont Beekeeper’s Association created the Vermont Beekeeper of the Year Award to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Vermont beekeepers that support beekeeping in Vermont and have provided outstanding service to the VBA. The intent is to recognize lifetime achievement rather than contributions in a single year.

Past winners include:

2013 Bill Mares

2014 Michael Palmer

2015 Steve Parise

2016 Gib Geiger

2017 Merril Tittemore

The award was not presented at the summer meeting for two reasons:

  • There was a lack of clarity on who is eligible for the award

  • There was insufficient time to decide which candidate was most deserving of the award

Nominations will again be open and the 2018 award will be presented at the Winter Meeting.

When nominating an individual, please provide written details and examples of why a candidate should be considered for the award. Members may nominate more than one person for the award. Nominations are not considered votes but rather they provide information for the selection committee and will help the committee choose the most deserving candidate for the award.

When nominating an individual, please be aware current VBA Board Members are not eligible for consideration for the award.

The selection committee shall consist of the VBA Board of Directors.

You can submit your beekeeper of the year candidate here.

(Login required - Nominations may be submitted by VBA members.)