Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

VBA Ambassador Extraordinaire Peter Hadeka was at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) Incredible Insect Festival on July 7 and reports success!vins20182sm

"They had a tent and table, chairs, all ready for me.  I brought some props, super with new and used frames, smoker, VBA brochures, some honey, for tasting and a little to sell.  I also borrowed an observation hive from Bob Davin in Hubbardton.  That was a big hit for sure.  Not only the kids but the adults were thrilled to see a Queen etc. 

vins20183sm"They said that they had 450 visitors and many of them wandered around and visited my display.  The weather improved so it was a delightful day for sure. (Fairly close to my set up they had a couple of presentations with live birds of prey.  Many of them flying between two people.  Pretty impressive display.)
The festival ran from 10 to 5.  I was set up before 10 and left after 5.  Never sat down the whole time."
If you are interested in helping us promote beekeeping in Vermont and the VBA please contact us.