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Proposal: VBA Recognition Program

It's important to recognize the efforts of volunteers and others who contribute to the furtherance of the VBA mission. Recognition helps to encourage additional contributions and to retain membership in the organization.


  1. Establish a Recognition Committee to develop and implement a VBA recognition Program
  2. The committee would be comprised of and chaired by interested VBA members.  The committee could include one or more Board members who are interested as well.
  3. With a Committee leading the recognition efforts, all VBA members (including Board members), as well as non-VBA members who make significant contributions to the VBA mission would be eligible to be recognized.
  4. The committee would be responsible for developing general criteria for each recognition category and would also accept nominations and make recommendations to the BOD for recipients in each.
  5. Each category would be recognized once per year as long as there are nominees and recipients.
  6. Present roughly half of the categories at each general membership meeting so recognition becomes a scheduled part of the Winter and Summer meetings.
  7. Consider the following categories of recognition. The list is not necessarily all-inclusive and can be amended as needed:
  8. Beekeeper of the Year (existing)
  9. Outstanding Contributions by a Student member
  10. Significant efforts on beekeeper education
  11. Significant efforts on public education
  12. Outstanding efforts by a Mentor
  13. Outstanding efforts by a Mentee
  14. Honey and honey product contest winner recognition
  15. Significant contributions by a commercial entity