Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

Contest Winners

Congratulations to VBA Recording Secretary Fred Putnam, Jr. for receiving 'Best of Show' ribbons at the Vermont Farm Show last week!

fputnambosAnd congratulations to the following for winning in their class:

Class 120 Comb Honey – Jeremey Grenon

Class 121 Extracted Light Honey – Anne Bowers

Class 122 Extracted Amber Honey – Fred Putnam

Class 123 Extracted Dark Honey – Darci Benoit

Class 124 Chunk Honey – Jeff Battaglini

Class 125 Creamed Honey – James Key

Class 126 Opaque jar (flavor) – Matt Calahan

Class 127 Honey Cookery – 1st Place - Anne Bowers; 2nd Place - Janet McKenzie