Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

Help Oaxaca Escuela Secondaria Tecnica No. 14

Paul Yanus passed this note along concerning an effort Mike Palmer is supporting.

"Mike Palmer is trying to raise money to help Oaxaca, Mexico students buy beekeeping equipment that he personally saw that was needed by them.
Mike writes “The school is trying to educate these children, with few resources. The bee boxes are rotten. The extractor is a rust bucket. They’re handling Africanized bees with falling apart bee suits and veils with rotten screens.

"I would like to raise enough funds so the school has the bee suits and equipment they need, to allow these kids to grow. We live in a world with so much, and so many possibilities. Please donate what you can for these children of Oaxaca. Isn’t it better to build bridges between peoples?”

"I looked over the donator list and there are only a few of our association membership who have donated. Mike has donated for years so much of his time and energy in support to make our Association a success. I am asking the VBA members show him our thanks and support him by donating $10-$15-$20.00 or whatever you can afford.
To Help go to this link on GoFundMe. Let's show how much we care."