Beekeeping in Vermont

The logo(s) of the Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA) are owned by the VBA and may only be used by those who have received prior permission from VBA for a specific use except as noted here:

Logo Use Rules

  • Use only logo files you download (see below) from the VBA web site or receive directly from VBA. Do not recreate the logo.

  • The logo may not be altered, modified, or obscured in any way. It must be used without disturbing or distorting its proportions or otherwise altering the impression it creates.

  • Background colors or patterns should never show through the logo.

  • The logo cannot be physically incorporated into or graphically connected to any other graphic element—it must stand on its own.

  • Start with the logo version created especially for the designated application/medium. Choose the most appropriate size logo for your project (see the second bullet under “VBA Logo Versions” for more information). You may resize the logo only in its entirety so that it is always legible, clear, and without distortion; the logo should only be decreased in size, never increased.

  • The logo must have at least 1/4" of space around it on all sides.

  • When used online, the logo must include a hyperlink without a border to

  • Use of the logo may not imply endorsement of any product, service, publication, or website. If in question, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for clarification.

  • Members of the VBA may use the logo in their printed materials and online services as long as their membership is current.

  • Any reference to the Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA) should include the complete organization name when first referenced. Subsequent references may us “VBA” in place of the full name. Any other diminutive or abbreviation of the VBA name is not allowed. For example:

Incorrect: VT Beekeepers Association, Vermont Beekeepers Assoc., etc.
Correct: Vermont Beekeepers Assocation, VBA

Logo Versions

  • The logo is available for print pieces or online use;

  • The logo is offered in EPS, TIFF, JPG & PNG formats. Please use the EPS and TIF files with printed pieces, and the JPG and PNG files for online use. The EPS and TIFF files are offered in CMYK and b&w.

By downloading the logos, you agree that you will adhere to the VBA logo use rules and guidelines above. These guidelines, and the logo, are available online at and may be updated at any time. The most recent versions of any VBA artwork will be available at this location.


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