Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

Members attending the Vermont Beekeepers Association's virtual "summer" meeting this past Saturday, October 17th, approved changes to the organizations by-laws to include, among other things, a new Member-at-Large director seat. That seat is being filled by new-to-the-board Laura Johnson.

The updated by-laws are available online for review.

The VBA's new leadership roles are being fulfilled by these volunteers:

President: Andrew Munkres

Vice President: Jeff Battaglini

Treasurer: Richard Roy

Recording Secretary: Fred Putnam

Membership Secretary: Darci Benoit

Director At Large: Laura Johnson

Immediate Past President: Jack Rath

State Apiculturist: Brooke Decker

Advisory Board Members: Bill Mares, Mike Palmer, Chas Mraz, Samantha Alger, Greg Smela, Kim Greenwood