Beekeeping in Vermont

Beekeeping in Vermont

Bee Sample Request

pu ext logo 2020Purdue University’s honey bee research lab is seeking bee samples for genomic analysis and has asked for help getting the word out to beekeepers willing to send honey bee workers for sequencing.

They are working to understand genetic diversity of honey bees across the country. If any beekeepers are interested in participating, please send an email to Isabelle Gilchrist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to coordinate shipping samples.

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WCB Small Hive Beetle Meeting

WCBLogoWindham County Beekeepers is hosting a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, March 21 at 7 pm (Please pre-register by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the Zoom link.). Atreya Manaswi will talk to us about small hive beetles (SHB), a pest we are starting to see more often here in Vermont. Atreya offers a cost-effective method of controlling SHB. He is a 10th-grade student in Orlando who has been involved in university-level honey bee conservation research for four years. Atreya has also written a wonderful children's book called The Bee Story. Check it out!

VBA Website Tips...

vbanewVBA Members: If you've forgotten or need to reset your website password you can do that here. You can also check the status of your membership, update your profile and renew by logging in to the site and looking at the left column of the home page.

If you are a current member and have beekeeping questions, please login to the site and post your questions on our forums. Otherwise, please review the information on our website under the Beecome a Beekeeper menu.

If you have bees on or in your property and you don't know how to remove them please contact someone on the swarm collectors list. (Note that we can only provide assistance with honey bees.)

Looking for honey or related products or bees, or woodwware (beekeeping equipment)And, if you're interested in hosting bee hives on your property see this page

Don't forget to use the search field on the front page and if you're still having problems send us a message.

Help Promote Vermont Honey!

Honey ShowAs you may know, the Vermont Beekeepers Association was awarded an $80,000 Federally funded Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) grant that will help us promote Vermont honey.

The plan is to make Vermont honey more visible to Vermonters and hopefully improve the sales of honey produced here in Vermont.

This is your opportunity to shine! The VBA has retained the services of HMC Advertising, LLC to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to tell the public what we already know:

Vermont honey is the best there is!

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A Look at the 2023 Winter Meeting

112 people attended the VBA's online winter meeting Saturday where President Andrew Munkres reported on our upcoming honey promotion campaign funded by an $80,000 federal block grant (detailed information to come in a future Update). 

In a brief business meeting the membership approved a request by the Board of Directors asking for authorization to make periodic partial payments to the media contractor doing work under the federal honey promotion block grant up to an amount of $35,000 in any one payment with aggregate total payments to the contractor NTE $70,000 and with 100% of these periodic payments to be reimbursed back to the VBA by the Federal Block Grant.(Emphasis added.)

The membership also met, and heard from Steve Dwinell, the VAAFM's new Director of the Public Health and Agricultural Resource Management Divsion.

The 2023 VBA winter meeting featured two well-known speakers:


 Dr. Scott McArt from the Dyce Lab at Cornell talked about pesticides affecting honey bees and his work on pesticide legislation in New York. 







Randy Oliver discussed his work on oxalic acid extended release as well as some of his very recent research which can be reviewed at 

This entire Zoom meeting (3 1/2 hours) was recorded. Current VBA members may watch the meeting by visiting the VBA website and looking under the Calendar menu for Past Workshop & Events Recordings. Minutes from the meeting are available here. (In both cases login required.)

AFB Vaccine Explanation

Queen bee retinue studioHoney Bee Suite (Rusty Burlew) has posted an easy-to-understand explanation about the new AFB vaccine that was recently announced.

The vaccine is not 100% effective but Rusty explains that as well as how a honey bee's immune system works in general and how the new vaccine works: How much will the new AFB vaccine help honey bees?

Gund Apis Fund News

alger gundUVM's Samantha AlgerDr. Samantha Alger, Director of the Vermont Bee Lab tells us the Gund Apis Fund proposal the Vermont Beekeepers Association helped develop was successful in obtaining funding:

"Big thanks to VBA for your support with this proposal and along the way. The pesticide data we presented in the proposal was made possible by VBA support and served as the basis for our ask to continue this work! The Gund Apis Fund will help to form the Vermont Pollinator Working Group. This group will launch with two initiatives: 1. native pollinator awareness campaign for Vermont farmers and 2. research and advocacy campaign to tackle Vermont's weak policies on nenonics. Included is $10K for more pesticide testing!"

The Vermont Pollinator Working Group is led by UVM bee experts Samantha Alger (who serves on the VBA Advisory Board), Extension's Laura Johnson (who is VBA's Membership Secretary), and Spencer Hardy of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies. Details on the announcement are available here.