Since 1886 the VBA has promoted the general welfare of Vermont's Honey Industry, while sustaining a friendly body of unity among the state's beekeepers.  

The Vermont Beekeepers Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, represents hundreds of beekeepers that raise bees for the love and honey. We're as diverse as the 246 towns in Vermont, but are unified in our fascination with and affection for bees. Most of us are hobbyists, but there are some side liners who try to make a bit of extra income from their 25-200 hives as well as a handful of full-time professionals. Join Today!

In total, our 9,000 hives produce about 700,000 pounds of honey per year.

We want to help our members become Bee KEEPERS, not Bee HAVERS.  Please look around and get involved! The bees depend on you for their very survival and your satisfaction.

Some of the things we offer:

  • Nurture beginning beekeepers and support experienced ones with tested information and practices 
  • Share information about problems facing bees and their solutions
  • Help develop markets for beekeeping products
  • Be alert to all state and national laws related to beekeeping and the production and marketing of honey and waxvbaworkshop24050810
  • Promote understanding between the beekeepers of the state, the nation and the world
  • Promote public awareness of honey bee importance for pollination
  • Foster interactions with the other members of the agricultural community  
  • Help develop programs for young people wanting to become beekeepers   
  • An ever-growing and user-friendly web site  
  • VBA Newsletters  
  • Mentor Programs
  • Young beekeeper scholarship program  
  • Workshops in northern and middle Vermont  
  • Detailed workshop notes for self-guided learning
  • Winter and summer all-membership meetings  
  • Swarm list  
  • Cookbooks  
  • Discounted subscription (20%) to Bee Culture magazine, when placed by telephone

VBA Leadership 

President: Jack Rath

Vice President: Andrew Munkres

Treasurer: Richard Roy

Recording Secretary: Fred Putnam

Membership Secretary: Scott Wilson

Immediate Past President: Michael Willard

State Apiculturist: David Tremblay

Advisory Board Members: Bill Mares, Mike Palmer, Chas Mraz, Samantha Alger, Greg Smela


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