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Is the beekeeping bubble about to burst?

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Guest There are too many people concerned about apiculture.
Guest Too many people are concerned for the future of beekeeping.
Guest This is my first year of beekeeping. I can see where our well meaning wish to save the planet may cause more damage though. It is not a science, it’s more of a suck it and see process and who knows how much damage we are doing in our manipulations . But in the absence of a proven process we must keep trying. The answers may well come from an unexpected source.
Guest It may slow down, that weeds out the serious beekeepers from the bee havers.
Guest It may slow down, but it is too fascinating to not have a large following. Most beekeepers do not get into it for the money, so most will not leave because of the lack of it or the cost of being a beekeeper.
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