The Vermont Beekeepers Association is pleased to offer during 2018 another season of hands on training workshops for beekeepers of all levels. These workshops are free and are also open to the public; no experience necessary. The workshops are designed to parallel the Vermont beekeeping season starting off with unpacking hives for Spring and finishing with preparing the hives for Winter. In between the two you will learn how to identify common hive issues, hive management techniques, honey extraction and general good beekeeping practices. VBA workshop instructors will be available to you on specific Saturdays starting in April ending in September. See the VBA calendar for the dates and times

This year the VBA is offering two locations. The North Yard is located at The Gardeners Supply, 128 Intervale Rd, Burlington, VT 05401. The apiary is located behind the Gardeners building. Access the apiary via the grassy area between the Gardeners building and the barns. Look for signs. Bring a veil and all your questions and concerns.

The South Yard is located at the home of Mike and Kim Paquette. The Instructors are Jeffrey Hamelman (436-1326) Bill Taft (674-5126)

Directions: From Route 91 - Exit 9: Turn left onto Route 5 travel 8.5 miles to Ascutney, VT. Turn left onto Tillman Road, shortly after the Ascutney Farm Stand. Take the first right last house on road.

From Route 91 - From Exit 8: Turn right and head East on 131. At directional light turn left onto Route 5 North. Drive .8 of a mile turn right on Tillman Road. Take the first right last house on road.

Bring a veil and all your questions and concerns.