Since 1886 the VBA has promoted the general welfare of Vermont's Honey Industry, while sustaining a friendly body of unity among the state's beekeepers.
  1. In Memoriam: Pat Mraz

    Patricia MrazWe are saddened to report the passing of Patricia Mraz, wife of our own Bill Mraz and father of Chas, on September 10, 2022 in Middlebury.

    You may read more of her remarkable life here.

    The Vermont Beekeepers Association offers it's sincerest condolences to the Mraz family and everyone at Champlain Valley Apiaries.

  2. If You Missed the September 15 Workshop...

    VBA's Andrew Munkres and Fred Putnam presented this AMA online workshop on September 15th to help you prepare your colonies for winter.

    If you missed the workshop the recorded video is available online. Simply login to the VBA site and look for Past Workshop & Events Recordings (Login required) under the Calendar menu.

    Topics covered include the knowledge you need to help your colonies survive the winter. Learn about target hive weights, feeding options, winter hive preparations, and much more

  3. Tunbridge Fair - 2022

    tunfair9 22Setting up the VBA booth at the 2022 Tunbridge Fair. L to R: Ron Hernandez, Bob & Mary Stoddard, Peter Hadeka, Richard Roy, Bill Mares.


  4. EPA Awards Grant to UVM

    The EPA has awarded six grants to advance
    "Smart, sensible, and sustainable pest control in agriculture"

    The University of Vermont won an award for their project which "aims to help reduce neonicotinoid seed treatments applied to row crops in Vermont by providing education in English and Spanish to more than 1,000 growers on IPM practices"

    Details about the EPA's announcement along with a more detailed description of UVM's project are available here.

  5. If You Missed the August 31 Workshop...

    VBA's Fred Putnam, Jeff Battaglini, and Tony Antonucci collaborated to present this AMA online workshop on August 31. This is the time of year where your actions can make the difference between your colonies surviving the winter or not. If you missed the workshop the recorded video is available online. Simply login to the VBA site and look for Past Workshop & Events Recordings under the Calendar menu.

    Topics covered include: Late season swarm control – Demaree method, mite (and virus) control - new HBHC Varroa management guide, readying colonies for Fall, value of pollen subs and when to use them, analyzing issues attendees might have had with their colonies and more...

  6. Webinar: Winter Bee Biology

    Gard Otis 1155493503From SABA and NY Bee Wellness: Dr. Gard Otis discusses the biology of winter bees and how beekeepers can keep them healthy to improve the colony’s winter survival.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 7:30 PM until 8:30 PM

    This is an external webinar hosted by NY Bee Wellness.  There is no cost to attend, but you must register in advance by clicking on the following link:  Webinar Registration


  7. VBA 2022 Summer Meeting

    Bee in Brandon smRegister Today

    Saturday, September 17, 2022 - 8:30am - 4:30pm
    Brandon Town Hall, Brandon, VT


    Last Minute Notes About
    the VBA Summer Meeting


    Here are a few important things to keep in mind if you are planning to attend Saturday's meeting in Brandon. (Registration information and details are available below.)

    • COVID-19 is still an issue to contend with. If you feel at all unwell, or if you have been around someone who is sick or tested positive, or if you have tested positive, please stay home. Although masks are not required you may certainly wear one.
    • Please be sure to pre-register - see below for more information about the meeting and the agenda.
    • Please bring any raffle items for the fundraising raffle.
    • We will have two ASL Interpreters participating in the meeting.

    See you Saturday!

    Parking Map

    The preliminary meeting agenda is available. Please register today for this important meeting - free for all VBA members.
    Registration is required - No walk-ins. Attendance limited to 150 people. Please note: Masks are NOT required but will be available if you'd like one.


  8. Sell Honey @ the Tunbridge World's Fair

    tunfair2September 15-18, 2022

    Dear VBA members,

    The VBA Tunbridge Fair Committee is again soliciting honey (and other bee-related products) to be sold at the Fair.

    This activity is the largest annual fund-raiser for the VBA.  To make this process both fair and simple, we have a few guidelines for your submissions:


  9. Ask Me Anything (About Beekeeping)

    If you missed our Ask Me Anything (About Beekeeping) workshop this week, the recording is available to VBA members (along with many others) online. Simply login to the site and look under the Calendar menu. (Co-hosted by VBA members, Fred Putnam, Tony Antonucci, and Jeff Battaglini.)

    • Preventing the spread of diseases esp. AFB
    • Re-queening calendar and recordkeeping (if a colony is queenless)
    • Summer actions to prep for winter.
    • Mite management and virus loads - options for this time of the year
    • Weather impacts - Dealing with too little or too much rain
    • Water supply
    • Pollen sub
    • Dearths or not
    • Extracting tips
    • Tips on handling defensive colonies
  10. Extended Use of Oxalic Acid Workshop Recording

    If you missed our Extended Use of Oxalic Acid for Mite Mitigation workshop this week the recording is available to VBA members (along with many others) online. Simply login to the site and look under the Calendar menu.
    Jack Rath describes the preparation and use of OAE and answers questions. The data sheet from the Vermont AAFM that Jack references in the presentation is available here. There have been two changes which may make it a preferred method for Vermont beekeepers. It now can be used with honey supers on. Vermont now has in place a 2EE authorization for Oxalic Acid Extended (OAE) use. Be advised you must follow the directions as specified in the sheet provided by Vermont AAFM and this can only be used in Vermont at this time.