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TOPIC:Web host & donuts

Web host & donuts3 months 2 weeks ago#2599

David -
It likely just means optimizing or repairing the tables but without seeing it I couldn't say. I am basing my observation on my experience.

That said, I understand that a proposal for updating the site is being considered.
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Web host & donuts3 months 2 weeks ago#2604

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Good information

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Web host & donuts3 months 1 week ago#2606

It seems that we are talking about two different problems. One is the slowness of the site. The other is the infrequent updating of information on the site. To me the second problem is the most serious because without timely updates of information it appears as if the site is being neglected. Of course both problems are important since if the content doesn't display properly
nothing works. Luckily the site functions pretty well but I see the need for improvement on both fronts.
Regarding the first problem, generally sites like this have gatekeeper administrators who are skilled in web site management. They know how and have access to uploading content. The knowledge of how to do this can be complicated and difficult to learn but once learned its basically a technical routine that involves knowledge of whatever software application is being used. In this case I believe the application is Joomla.
The second problem is one that involves deciding what actually gets uploaded. I view this as an organizational problem. Since VBA is an organization that is run by a board of directors, I assume the directors have given permission to certain people to make editing decisions. The people who maintain the site are not necessarily the best people to make editing decisions. Since it isn't usually a good idea to allow just any content to be uploaded there needs to be some kind of process for making those decisions. Usually there are key people who make these decisions using their judgement combined with some kind of democratic approach that ensures the content is relevant to the club members.
I see on the minutes from the Summer meeting there was an item "help with web site input".
There isn't any mention of any discussion that occurred regarding this.
I also see that there was a web site expense of $200 recorded.

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Last edit: by Steven H Jackson. Reason: I checked the last minutes from Summer meeting.
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