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  Wednesday, June 26, 2024
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I have brood including drone brood in my honey supers. What should I do about it?

Thank you

Daphne Diego
2 weeks ago
daphne, you need to locate the queen in the supers and move her back down into the top brood box. next place a queen excluder between the top brood box and the supers. see if your inner cover has a notch. if so be sure the notch is down toward the supers, the brood will hatch out and workers will be able topass back and forth thru the queen excluder and the drones will be able to escape thru the notch in the inner cover. your back to supering. stephen fraser note: if you can not find the queen gently brush the bees down into the top brood box place the beeless frames into an empty super box. when all the frames are done remove the now empty boxes put the queen excluder on and place the boxes of broodon top and close it up.
Or you can wait for fall when the brood chamber will be contracting. They will back fill any brood cells in the supers with nectar and cure it to honey.
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