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  Friday, June 28, 2024
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A top feeder came with my hive package. I think I'm starting to see mold, and would like to clean it, but there are so many bees feeding. I'm thinking I should take it off the hive, putting it down in front of it until the bees leave?

The bees are also starting to build comb in the feeder. Is this normal?
Pull the hive feeder. You shouldn't need to be feeding this time of year. Top feeders I'm thinking of have screen or a plastic insert to keep the bees from flying into the syrup. Remove that and and brush the bees out. Moldy syrup needs to be disposed of. Don't feed it to the bees.

Feeding this time of year will contaminate your honey if you plan to harvest. Some colonies need feeding in spring if they are running out of stores and come fall you feed to get the colonies up to weight to make winter.
2 weeks ago
I was told to feed them the sugar water because they needed to build the comb to establish the hive. I have two hives. I got two nucs the first week of June, so I haven't been feeding them all that long. I wasn't told how long to feed then though. That was going to be my next question.

I'm not expecting to get honey until next year.

So to confirm, I should stop feeding them now?
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