Tuesday, March 07 2023
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Hello all, I spent a few hours at the VBA booth at the Flower Show this past weekend. I thought I would share some of the most common questions and comments.

Obviously, the question as to how to get started in beekeeping, costs, time commitment etc. etc.....

Several people said they stopped keeping bees due to not being able to keep the bears away. All had electric fences but the bears were too aggressive. One person said she uses a motion sensing light that also had a loud siren included. She said that worked great. I neglected to ask where she got it...probably "google" it ?

Also, many asked about how to get a temporary hive or two on their property for pollination, of say apple trees, garden etc. . We had a handout of the various local clubs which they could contact as well as a suggestion to post a request on the local Front Porch Forum.

Oh, do you ever get stung ????

It was a busy day and there was a lot of beekeeping interest.
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