Friday, June 30 2023
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Free to a good home with some first year bee keepers.
A little giant 2 frame hand crank extractor.
Unit comes with 3 legs but we never use them

JH Higgins
Norwich VT
5 months ago
Hello John,

I would be interested in your offer of the extractor if it's still available. I'm a first year bee keeper and would enjoy having an extractor to use. If I outgrow it in the future I would be happy to pass it along to another member.

5 months ago
Hi John,
I know Colin beat me to your offer, but if, by chance, it doesn't work out, I would be interested. I am looking for small extractor I can bring into schools with me to do honey extraction.

5 months ago
Thanks for all the interest
Colin it's going to have to go to you

JH Higgins
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