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  Friday, April 28 2023
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We have 27 frames of capped honey removed from our deadout hives. Some of which are crystallized.
Should we set them out for the bees to clean out. Will it promote robbing?
Thank you
7 months ago
Hello, to answer your direct question I would not set the honey frames out for other bees or predators to clean out.

However, not knowing your situation, number of hives, overwintered hives or new replacement colonies, I would suggest that if you are buying new colonies, nucs or packages, these honey frames could be placed back into those hives. (Or to boost existing colonies) You could place a couple of frames on the outer edges of the hives. This will give the new colonies a great boost.

Another thought is that you might extract those frames and save the honey.

I am sure there are other suggestions but that's my thoughts.

Good luck. Peter
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