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  Sunday, July 31 2022
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Hello there everyone! We just moved in to the house and are now the proud wonder of a flow hive, which I do not know how to use, and a first year colony.

Does anyone have experience inspecting flow hives?

Would anyone be willing to come
In the next two weeks (not this week please! We’re moving in and it’s nuts around here) to help me:

1.) thoroughly inspect the flow hive for the state of honey, brood and queen

2.) do a mite wash to see how many mites are in the hive (it has never been treated and the previous owner had a very hands off approach. I would prefer to be more hands on, but I need some guidance.

3.) treat the hive with oea (extended use preferable).

I do not know how to treat with oea so please, if anyone knows how to do that it would be appreciated. There are bees all around the outside of the hive, coming and going in droves. I have a suit, smoker, supers, extra frame parts, waxed frames, etc.

If I need anything else for this (like the mite treatment) tell me in advance and I’ll try to get it. Located in Grand Isle. Still social distancing as my children do not have all their shots. I know it’s a pain, but if you could mask under the veil, I will as well and we’ll try to get through this inspection without giving my children Covid. If you have spare Covid tests and you’d be willing to test before you come, it would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you again. Anything you need from me, just let me know in advance and I’ll make sure it’s ready.
7 months ago
I’m still looking for someone to help me inspect this hive and treat it. I could do the initial inspection but I dont know where to begin treating the hive with the acid. I’d rather not use Formic acid strips: I’m trying to do something that’s best for the bees and ultimately that’s my goal: to do right by the bees. So if any beekeepers on this site would be interested in helping me I would really appreciate it.

If you can come a different day or if next week is too soon we can work something out. But I’d really like a response to these posts considering that this is the Vermont group supporting Vermont beekeepers.
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