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At the last winter meeting I physically attended it was discussed that VBA in conjunction with the state would conduct sampling and testing of honey sold in Vermont. It was unclear if the test scope would be focused on Vermont suppliers or a broad analysis of everything labeled "honey" on store shelves in Vermont.

I believe our last physical winter meeting was three years ago. Since then I've perused the Zoom recordings and can't find the results of this VBA funded (at least in part) research. Once there was mention that adulteration was higher than we'd like to see but no data was provided.

Where can I (we) access the research results? Find the scope, means, and actual data resulting from this funded endeavor?
11 months ago
It has been discussed at the board meetings and is available in the monthly meeting minutes:

or use the website Search feature to look for "honey adulteration" for example...
11 months ago
I know the State tested Vermont beekeeper's honey for adulteration. I think in all, they found no adulteration.
When I suggested we check for adulteration, I meant to check honey in the market shelfs. This is where, I believe, adulteration will be found.
Still waiting for all that cheap imported honey to be tested. Would also like to see some pollen tests to determine if all the "Vermont" honey actually is. Pollen fingerprints don't lie. I know for isn't all as labeled.
All I'm asking is for the results. This is what I mean, I'm urged to search meeting minutes as there is no place where results are posted.

Meeting minutes of 12/02/2020
AAFM is ready to start collecting honey samples this Fall from the 2020 season. Some would be tested now for adulteration. Some would be frozen and added to 2021 samples for pesticide residue testing. We would request samples from Vermont Beekeepers that would serve as a baseline for comparing with other sources collected from store shelves.

We are trying to determine if the results will be reportable back to the individual sources or if the results will be aggregated and anonymous at the individual level.

Nothing futher on this is in meeting minutes in the past two year. Minutes of Mike's 3 point letter is the following year and then we have request for VBA monies for UVM student to conduct pollen study for use as regional adultration. Will the results of this second study be reported anywhere or will I have to contact UVM next year?

With studies there are reportable results. All I'm asking for is a printing of said results. I'm not seeing that it is attainable on the VBA website. OK, does that mean I should contact Brooke? Or is there another person that spearheaded this 2020 study?
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