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  Saturday, October 01 2022
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So I have 4 big hives. They all have 3 brood boxes and the two top ones are stuffed with honey. So thats 20 deep frames of honey, plus one to two supers apiece. Except for one that has 3 medium supers and two brood boxes. I'm guestimating they have between 150 to 200+ lbs of honey apiece stored. Two of the hives are Apimaye hives and the other two are wooden with insulation wrapped around them. How overkill is this?

TY Daniel.
Why are you leaving all the excess honey? Once it crystallizes over winter it's only worth taking them off and letting the bees rob them clean to reuse. Surely you can borrow a hand crank extractor.

There is a recent winter prep video posted on the board I recommend you check out.
1 year ago
Would you please provide the link for it?

Workshops can be found in the Calendar tab on top toolbar.
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