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  Thursday, August 24 2023
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Several years ago we had a speaker from Canada that was promoting the corrugated plastic winter wraps. The Ontario Beekeepers Assoc. has just posted on their web site the 2023 sizes and prices. For example a deep wrap, covering two deep boxes, sells for $13.00 Canadian, which is under $10.00 US. Unfortunately they can only be picked up, not shipped. I went with another beekeeper to Cornwall Ontario a while back and picked up some. Wish I had gotten more. Anyway, if anyone is taking a trip and would accept additional orders I would participate.. Check out the site...Peter
2 months ago
In the future I would like to get some of their single deep covers, so keep me in mind. I am experimenting with over wintering single deeps.

Rick Stoner
2 months ago
There's some updated advice on winter prep wrapping and insulating. Andrew Munkres presented it at the summer VBA meeting and will do so again via Zoom on October 19. It's on the VBA calendar of events.

We'll cover it tomorrow 9/23 live at the ACBA in-apiary workshop in Middlebury. 746 Halpin Rd. 10:00 A.M. It's also on the VBA website calendar:

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