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  Saturday, August 06 2022
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Hello there! I’ve made some posts recently about needing some help with a hive inspection.

After more research it seems oea is too new: no one really understands how to properly use it. So I’ve ordered some apivar strips. I’m going to be doing a mite wash (since the hive has never been treated there will be a lot of mites) and then apply these strips.

I need some help with inspecting the flow hive. Does anyone have experience inspecting flow hives?
Hi! We have a Flow Hive as well. Where do you live In VT? We’re in Southern VT (Dover)

This is our second season so we are still kinda new as well but maybe together we can help each other! We do Hive inspections every 2-3 weeks-no honey yet but they are working really hard so we believe success will come!
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