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Local Pollinators & Extractors

Pollination Services

Small scale pollination services in or near Windham County, VT.
Please contact: Jennings Berger, stonearchapiraries@yahoo.com.

Northwoods Apiaries, 2770 Loop Road, Westfield, Vermont 05874
Ph: 802-744-2007, www.northwoodsapiaries.com
We do pollination for a few vt orchards.

Heavenly Honey Apiary- Monkton,Northern Addison County, and Southern Chittenden County. We proviede small scale pollination services. Call 802-333-0084 for 2014 pricing.

Extracting Services

Heavenly Honey Apiary - Contact us if you need honey to be extracted from your frames but do not possess the tools to do so. We offer this service. Please view our honey extraction page for requirements and fees.
Contact: Scott Wilson - scott@vtbeekeeper.com - ph:802-333-0084

Vermont Beekeeping Supplies Co.
John J. Tardie
68 Meadow Lane
Underhill, VT 05484
Honey extractor package to rent. (Two frame extractor, electric uncapping knife, capping scratcher, double sieve, two 60lb pails.) $29 per day.