Actually, a reminder for all as spring approaches...

Please become familiar with the laws applicable to beekeeping in Vermont. The Vermont Apiary Program website includes useful information and necessary registration forms.

"As required by Vermont Statute, Title 6, Chapter 172, 

"§ 3022 & 3023. A person who is the owner of any bees, apiary, colony, or hive in the State shall register with the Secretary in writing on a form provided by the Secretary...and shall pay a $10.00 annual registration fee for each apiary location.

"Registration for new Apiaries is due upon ownership of bees. Renewal period is open from June 1st through June 30th each year."

Apiary Registration Form

Importing Honey Bees and used beekeeping equipment into Vermont

"Beekeepers bringing honey bees and/ or used beekeeping equipment into Vermont from out-of-state are required to first fill out the  Hive Import Form, a minimum of 14 days prior to intended import into Vermont. Beekeepers will be provided with an Import Permit, after the application has been reviewed and a valid Health certificate from the state of origin is provided."