The Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA) has prepared a beekeeper census/survey in collaboration with the Vermont Bee Lab and the State Apiculturist/Pollinator Health Specialist. The purpose of this census/survey is to better understand beekeeping management actions and how those actions affect colony survival related to geographic locations in Vermont. It will also help us obtain a general understanding of honey yields and some miscellaneous but pertinent topics statewide.

This information from beekeepers will help us to focus educational and research efforts across the state in order to better aid Vermont beekeepers. All beekeepers with colonies in Vermont (commercial and non-commercial) are invited to participate; you do not have to be a VBA member. This census/survey is also open to beekeepers who live outside of Vermont but who have colonies located in Vermont. We are seeking information only on Vermont honeybee colonies.

The is the second such collaborative census/survey that the VBA has done. We sincerely appreciate the high level of participation on the last census/survey and hope you will participate in this one as well. We hope to do this each year to try to identify trends.

Your results will remain anonymous. We do not ask for specific apiary locations. You may also remain anonymous if you wish. We are keenly interested in the data. Providing your contact information is optional but will allow you to be entered into a raffle to win two of those very nice VBA mead glasses.

The last day to complete this census/survey will be Wednesday March 31, 2021. Thank you very much in advance for your participation.


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