boba jaglicic EmwhXkCiMiA unsplash1200x770All 20,000 species of bees worldwide are at risk as global climate change affects their forage, reproduction, and behavior. Based on his 50 years as a backyard beekeeper, author Bill Mares addresses the macro and micro effects of a rapidly warming planet on Vermont’s bees, particularly Apis mellifera, the common honeybee. The recording of this Zoom presentation is free and available online for viewing until the end of October. To view, please visit this link and use the password E&8BKdpd to access the recording.

About Bill Mares

Raised in Texas, educated at Harvard, Bill Mares is a former journalist, state representative and high school teacher. He has authored or co-authored eighteen books on subjects ranging from the U.S. Marines to desert travel, and from war memorials to brewing. Bill is also a past-president of the Vermont Beekeepers Association and most recently co-authored a book (with Ross Conrad) "The Land of Milk and Honey."