The Bee Informed Partnership is a collaboration of efforts across the country from some of the leading research labs and universities in agriculture and science to better understand honey bee declines in the United States. Supported initially by the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture but now a not-for-profit, we’re working with beekeepers to better understand how we can keep healthier bees.

Using beekeepers' real world experience to solve beekeepers' real world problems
  1. The importance of spring mite loads

    Collaborations That Give Back – Featuring Dr. Katie Lee Authors: Rachel Kuipers and Eric Malcolm BIP is frequently contacted by beekeepers across the country who have experienced what we suspect are mite-related losses, not realizing their mite loads throughout the course of the season. Recent findings indicate that even those maintaining the commonly suggested 3% […]

    The holiday season is here at last! A refreshing moment in time to reflect on the past year and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. Our team would like to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for being stewards of honey bees and our environment and for […]
  3. Last Call: Auction Closes November 7, 2022 at 11:59pm (EST)!

    With just a few hours left to bid at our biggest fundraising event of the year, we wanted to send a quick reminder to check out our Virtual Auction and peruse over 130 items that all have been generously donated in support of our work here at BIP. To join in the fundraiser, visit […]
  4. Get Ready to Bid at the 2022 BIP Virtual Auction!!

    Are you ready for two weeks of fun for a great cause!? We are excited to share that our biggest fundraising event of the year will be LIVE from 12am (EDT) on October 24th through November 7th at 11:59pm! Join BIP for our 3rd annual Virtual Auction to explore and bid on over 100 items […]
  5. Browsing For Breeder Queens-Part 2

    Last July 2021, I published the BIP blog “Browsing For Breeder Queens-Part 1” where I discussed what a breeder queen is and the various ways that you can obtain them. So now let’s dive deeper into how to test bees for desirable traits to improve your stock. What To Look For In a Breeder Queen […]