Lincoln Sennett will be our featured speaker at the August 12 Summer Meeting in Strafford, VT. He is a co-owner of Swan’s Honey located in Albion, Maine. This beekeeping operation manages 3,000 – 4,000 colonies between Georgia and Maine. They offer pollination services, nuc sales, and produce and pack their own varietal honeys, including Tupelo, Sourwood, Wild Raspberry, Wild Blueberry, Clover, and Buckwheat. 

Lincoln received a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Maine. He worked in various engineering and management roles in Louisiana, Alaska, and California before returning to Maine and becoming a full-time beekeeper and blueberry farmer. As a blueberry farmer, Lincoln saw the need for pollination and grew his beekeeping business with the purchase of 100 hives and Swan’s Honey, an iconic beekeeping company founded, in Maine, in the 1940’s.

By employing a methodical approach to hive management over the last 30 years, Lincoln has gained insight into the issues that affect beekeepers at all levels. Understanding and mitigating the multiple stressors of our honeybees is critical to successful beekeeping. In any one year, Swan’s Honey manages over 200 bee yards throughout Maine. Meeting these challenges range from developing innovative organic mite control methods to matching wits with Black Bears.

Lincoln is a three-time past speaker at the Maine Beekeepers Association Annual Meeting, a past speaker at the American Beekeeping Federation Annual Meeting, has served multiple terms as Maine’s representative on the National Honey Board, and teaches a yearly beekeeping course at Swan’s Honey.

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