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In Memory of Enoch Tompkins

Enoch Tompkins, 94, a longtime resident of Shelburne, died April 22 following a long illness. An avid beekeeper for much of his life, he was the past President of the Eastern Apicultural Society and A-4-Milestones-Tompkins sma secretary and president of the Vermont Beekeepers Assoc. Among other notable accomplishments in beekeeping, he authored a book on the subject for Garden Way Publishing.

Years ago, working with the help of Enoch, I installed my first two packages of bees. I was tense and unsure of what to do with this bundle of bees. Enoch in his calm and patient manner showed me how to install the bees and positioned the queen cage so she was released slowly. I remember how thoughtfully he moved amongst the bees and at a pace that I try to emulate to this day.

A gentle man, he will be missed by this beekeeper and many whose lives he touched.

To send online condolences, you can visit Donations may be made to Shelburne Rescue, PO Box 254, Shelburne, VT 05482.

Rick Stoner
Treasurer, VBA