Beekeeping in Vermont...

Vermont Beekeepers held their Winter Meeting at the new home of the Vermont Farm Show on Tuesday, January 24th.psal2

In addition to hosting a booth featuring pure Vermont Honey products (Pedro Salas is pictured here manning the booth), Vermont Beekeepers Association members chose Janice Girard as the organization's new Membership Secretary, replacing Valarie Wilson who has completed her term in office.

Dave Tarpy, Associate Professor of Entomology and Extension Apiculturist from North Carolina State University beat the weather gremlins and arrived in time to talk to the group about genetic diversity and the quality of commercially available queens.

VBA President Chas Mraz discussed the move to obtain 501(c) status and how that would help the organization find grant money to support such research topics as improving forage for bees.

Full reports from the day, along with meeting minutes, will be posted as we receive them.