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VBA Article & Link Submission Guidelines

Write for the Vermont Beekeepers Association

The Vermont Beekeepers Assocation is always looking for articles and photos from members for our website and newsletter.

VBA Members: You may submit articles and photos online simply by logging into the site using your member username and password. wpdf18c507

Once you login to the site look in the User Menu on the screen for a link labeled Submit an Article which will open our online editor. From there you can type your story using whatever formatting you'd like. Or you can use copy and paste to insert your text. Note that sometimes the copy & paste function doesn't work the way you'd expect. Generally, it is best to enter plain text into the editor then apply formatting using the icons within the editor. You can also upload photos from the same screen. When typing your article please consider the "style" of the site. While there may be the option to use many fancy fonts, ask yourself if that would be appropriate when looking at other articles.

Stories are accepted on any beekeeping-related topic with strong preference given to local and/or Vermont-related topics. Once your article is uploaded we will place it in the appropriate location of the site (or contact you for further information) if it is accepted for use. You can select a category you'd like to see the article placed if you wish when submitting it but you are not obligated to do so. If you are unsure, simply choose Uncategorized and we will select it for you.

When submitting a story please leave the Alias field blank as the system will fill that for you.

Submitting Links

If you have an interesting link to an article or website you have the option of selecting the Submit a Web Link button to do so. Enter the complete URL of the link you are posting along with as detailed a description as you feel is appropriate. Note: If the story is of a national or international nature it very likely has already been posted on one of our newsfeeds, available under the Resources | News menu at the top of the page.

Choose a Category for the link to appear and click Save. After reveiw it should appear on the links page under the Resources menu.

VBA Members who would like to promote their business are invited to submit a short - one to two sentence - description for inclusion on our Marketplace pages. Please look at the current listings for examples.

Photo/Graphics guidelines:

Please upload your images in jpg, png or gif formats, preferably sized no larger than 1600 x 900 pixels in order to provide those who do not have access to broadband Internet connections the ability to download the images. Image filename extensions must be in lowercase - in other words, picture.jpg is a valid name while picture.JPG is not. Also, image filenames should not have spaces in them since some web browsers cannot "see" those spaces properly. Images may be inserted into article pages the same way you do it with your word processor. While working in the editor, look for the Insert/Edit Image icon on the toolbar to upload and insert images. (If you choose to email photos you must resize them so their horizontal or vertical resolution is no greater than 1600 pixels.)

When inserting images into submitted articles please keep in mind how they will appear on the page. A large image - generally anything over 600x400 pixels can overwhem the page. When you upload and insert an image you can very easily reduce the size of it as it appears in the article by selecting it with your mouse and "dragging" the image corners to shrink or enlarge it much as you would with yuor word processor or presentation program. If you have questions, please ask.

If you experience difficulty using the online editor please contact: webmaster@vermontbeekeepers.org.