Beekeeping in Vermont...

Jericho, VT - Saturday, August 6 - The Vermont Beekeepers Association celebrated record membership as part of the organizations's 126th annual meeting held Saturday in Jericho.

Almost one hundred members attended the day-long event to hear the latest report from Vermont State Apiculturist Steve Parise as well as elect new officers and discuss the Eastern Apicultural Society's annual event - EAS 2012 - that will take place in Burlington next year.ChazKim2

Charles "Chas" Mraz, owner of the Champlain Valley Apiaries in Middlebury, is the newly elected President of the Vermont Beekeepers Association. He is pictured here with Kim Greenwood who will serve as Vice President (replacing Maddie Sobel). Rick Stoner continues as VBA Treasurer. Michael Willard is the new Recording Secretary (replacing Jeffrey Hamelman) and Membership Secretary Valarie Wilson continues in that capacity for the remainder of this year.

Wilson reported the VBA is currently enjoying record membership of 491 which may be due, in part, to the recent upsurge in interest in beekeeping nationwide.

marespalmer2011aOutgoing President Bill Mares (at the left in this picture accepting a token of appreciation from Mike Palmer) is currently serving as President of the Eastern Apicultural Society for the coming year.

Steve Parise reminded beekeepers that due to the unusual weather this year colonies may need feeding in order to thrive. He reported that honey production seems to be lower this year, again possibly due to the weather. (He gave a brief hive demonstration during the meeting - video below.)


Brian Eckert presented his video highlighting the VBA's role in organizing and hosting EAS 2012. More information about EAS 2012 as well as complete reports from the meeting will be available on the VBA website shortly.

(Photo and video courtesy of VBA Member Ted Albers.)