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Blunders, Gleanings & Goofs


Miscellaneous tips on beekeeping moderated by Scott Wilson.

Scott describes himself as a "sideliner" in the beekeeping world. He is a Certified Beekeeper through the Vermont Beekeepers Association for which he serves as a board member and recording secretary, and life member of the Eastern Apiculture Society. He and his wife Valarie own Heavenly Honey Apiary in Monkton.

Comments, blame, admissions of guilt can be directed to scott@vtbeekeeper.com.


Fatigue and queen cages

" Earlier this year  I went to check if a caged queen installed into a nuc  made from a weaker  hive had released....”hmmm” I said as I lifted the inner cover.....where is the queen cage? Turns out I installed the queen into the wrong nuc, but in to one of course that had a queen". The newly released queen was nowhere to be found. This is what happens when I'm rushed, hot, and fatigued.