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Miscellaneous tips on beekeeping moderated by Scott Wilson.

Scott describes himself as a "sideliner" in the beekeeping world. He is a Certified Beekeeper through the Vermont Beekeepers Association for which he serves as a board member and recording secretary, and life member of the Eastern Apiculture Society. He and his wife Valarie own Heavenly Honey Apiary in Monkton.

Comments, blame, admissions of guilt can be directed to scott@vtbeekeeper.com.


Partially capped supers?

Sometimes when the nectar flow ends, the honey is extracted, and the season is over there may still be partially capped honey, and/ or uncapped nectar filled super frames remaining. Some folks will try to reduce the moisture by using a dehumidifier to dry the nectar and then capture the honey. Typically, I'll keep these partial frames for the next season. I just stick them in the freezer until the really cold weather comes then move them into supers in the garage for cold weather storage making sure to protect against mice or wax moth. When the new beekeeping season begins the frames have thawed and I can pop them on to any hives that may need feeding.